Dr. Zane Lawhorn discusses campaign for U.S. Senate, need for a ‘revival of Jesus Christ’ in our country

By Matthew Young, RealWV

“I’m a conservative Christian, and I’m concerned about the direction of our country. I feel like we need a revival of Jesus Christ in this country, and if we don’t have that it’s not really going to matter who gets elected.”

That’s what Dr. Zane Lawhorn, Republican candidate for United States Senate, told RealWV regarding his campaign. Lawhorn, a lifelong West Virginian and current resident of Mercer County, will be competing for the Republican nomination during the May 14 primary election. 

“My message is trying to get people who believe in Jesus to start looking towards him as the solution to the problems in our country,” Lawhorn said. “That’s why I’m running – it’s a different type of campaign. I’m not a politician, and I’m not looking for a political career. If I get elected, I’m a one-term Senator.”

Lawhorn is a 1976 graduate of Union High School, and a 1980 graduate of West Virginia University. In 1985 Lawhorn completed his Doctor of Optometry degree at the Southern College of Optometry, and has been in private-practice for nearly four decades. Lawhorn owns and operates optometry offices in both Princeton and Beckley. 

“[Anyone] who understands anything from the Bible, they know that God is in charge, and that God doesn’t tolerate sin forever,” Lawhorn explained. “God is very merciful, and he will allow the United States of America to last for a while, but he does send warnings that judgment is coming.”

“We’re seeing those warning signs now,” Lawhorn continued. “Solar eclipses are a bad omen for a nation, according to biblical-scholars, and we’re seeing the third one in seven years coming on April 8. Those are warnings to the United States to turn back to him, or we will be subject to great judgment and destruction.”

“If you look at these solar eclipses, they form a giant A over our country,” Lawhorn added. “But they also form two giant Xs, and those Xs are kind of interesting. The first one is in Texas, and it’s right over a giant cross that signifies the coming of Jesus Christ. Now, some people might say that’s a coincidence – I say it’s a warning.”

According to Lawhorn, the second giant ‘X’ is in the country’s midwest region, over the New Madrid fault line. The last time the United States experienced a solar eclipse, Lawhorn noted, it also experienced “a great number of earthquakes in that area.”

“God is sending us warnings, and it’s time for us to realize that we have to change our behavior if we want our country to survive,” Lawhorn said.

If elected, Lawhorn says his job would be to work for the people of West Virginia.

“A person of faith should be doing what’s best for the people of the state,” Lawhorn said. “So with things like broadband access, we have to try to reach as many people as we can. We have to try to use our resources the best we can.”

“When it comes to resources, do we send our money to 150 different countries around the world, or do we take that money and put it back into the United States where we need it?” Lawhorn asked. “I happen to live in Princeton – in the city limits – and I can’t get very good high speed internet access myself. And there’s a lot of other people I know in much more rural areas who have no access to internet.”

“Those kinds of issues have to be addressed as a servant,” Lawhorn noted. “That would be my job. Whether it’s broadband, or some of the issues I feel like are more of a top priority – which is preparing us for war, for example.” 

Lawhorn explained his belief that West Virginians, and all other Americans, should be preparing for major utility outages, and establishing mass-casualty urgent care centers in preparation for impending disasters. 

“If we have another pandemic, or if we have a nuclear attack or any other kind of mass-casualty event, we need hospitalization that can handle it,” Lawhorn said. “We can’t do it right now.”

“There’s so many things that can be done,” Lawhorn added. “A servant-attitude is what we need in the Senate. Unfortunately career politicians love to spend money. I’m pretty tight when it comes to money. You’ve got to watch your pennies, and electing someone who spends millions of dollars to get elected, you can’t expect them to turn around and say, ‘Alright, I’m going to start saving you money.’”

With regard to “preparing for war,” Lawhorn believes that the United States is 12-to-18 months away from a major global military conflict.

“I think the biggest issue facing the state is the imminent war that we’re going to have with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran,” Lawhorn said. “And that’s not just West Virginia – it’s every state. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a conservative or a liberal – whether you’re an atheist or a Christian – it doesn’t matter, that’s facing us all.”

“Our enemies know that we’re weak now, and we’re going to be attacked,” Lawhorn added. “It’s just a matter of time, and the people of West Virginia have to be prepared for that. That war is going to be fought here in the United States, as well as other places.”

With well-financed primary opponents, such as Gov. Jim Justice and Congressman Alex Mooney, Lawhorn knows he will have an uphill battle. However, winning the Republican nomination is just the beginning of that battle, Lawhorn said, as the real work begins in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t feel like the job is going to be easy,” Lawhorn said. “I’m going to be a small voice in a giant cesspool of corruption and self-agendas. But it’s a voice that needs to be there – we need one voice there out of 100. If we had two, that would be even better. But you have to start somewhere, and I will be that voice.”

“I will be a registered Republican,” Lawhorn added. “But I’ll be a West Virginian, and an American when I get there. I’m not running for a political career. I’m running to make our state and our country better. We need people who are willing to sacrifice to get us to where we need to be.”

To learn more about D. Zane Lawhorn’s campaign for United States Senate, visit zanelawhorn.com. Primary Election Day in West Virginia is Tuesday, May 14.


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