‘Reading Buddies’ at Smoot is a hit

By RealWV staff,

Everyone at Smoot Elementary looks forward to Fridays. Not because it’s the end of the week, but because on Fridays students have “reading buddies.”

Each Friday, students in grades 3-5 (on a rotation schedule) give up some of their recess time to come read to preschool students. This is on a voluntary basis, but the activity has been such a “hit” over the years, there is never a lack of students willing. It is only twenty minutes of their day, but it makes a uge impact on the students and their educational attainment.

Older students reading to preschoolers practice fluency while exposing preschoolers to emergent reading skills like tracking print, asking comprehension questions and pointing out the title, author and illustrator in the book.

Preschool students really enjoy it too. It gives them a sense of connection and a literacy experience that is meaningful. Title I teacher Wendy Anderson began this program several years ago along with preschool teacher Cassie Shipe.

“We are so glad to see this program going strong a decade later,” said Shipe.


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