Blue Raven Tattoo offers family-friendly experience

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Jon Adams started giving tattoos in 1987 with a machine he built himself. It was built from a tape deck motor, toothbrush, guitar string, and components of a ballpoint pen.

Now, he and his wife, Jessica, have opened a state-of-the-art tattoo studio just north of Lewisburg called Blue Raven Tattoo. And they aim to change the stigma often associated with tattoo parlors. 

“A lot of these artists are kinda dark,” says Jon. “Most shops have oddities all over the walls and shelves. We want to change the way people see it.”

“It’s a tattoo shop,” Jessica adds, “but it’s family friendly. That’s really important to us.” 

“Yeah, I’m not a big skull guy,” Jon jokes. “I like colorful, light-hearted tattoos.”

Jon has been in the business for 35 years officially. His calling card is his work with color. 

“Mine tend not to fade,” Jon says. “I’m proud of that. It’s all in the technique.” 

For a number of years, Jon worked at The Queen’s Ink in Lewisburg, where he built up a solid customer base. He estimates that approximately half of his customers are repeats from over the years who come back to him for additional work. His customer base is highly diverse–veterans, athletes, mothers, grandmothers. 

“I had a 78 year old woman come in for a purple butterfly one time,” he remembers. “She lied to her husband about where she was at the time, but he ended up really liking it.” 

Opening Blue Raven has been a big change for Jon and Jessica, but they believe it was the right time. “I believe the Holy Spirit had a hand in this,” he says. 

Jon is a religious man, and he says religion took him away from tattooing many years ago. After beginning the art when he was 17, he quit in his early 20s for fear it was a sinful art. But a talk with his cousin changed his mind, and he now does religious tattoos regularly. 

His kids were in the shop when we stopped by for the article, and it’s clear they’re an important part of the family-friendly operation. 

“We keep our shop clean,” Jessica says. “We use surgical soap which keeps everything clean and it smells really good.”

Blue Raven Tattoo is located at 112 J D Park Rd Suite 3, Lewisburg, WV 24901, just above the John Deere dealership. They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-7pm (except they close at 6pm on Wednesday) and offer gift cards. They take cash, credit cards, and Zelle. Visit them on Facebook or call them at 304-520-4160.


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