Richard Scott

Hills and hollers may be good for the souls of West Virginians, but they’re terrible for communications infrastructure. So for years, we’ve lagged behind other states with things like phone and internet service.

While most of us were complaining about it, Richard Scott and his wife, Carrie, decided to do something about it. After serving in the military, Richard decided to open Countrymen Communications in Beaver, WV.

The Scotts lived on the top of Sandstone Mountain and struggled to find reliable, affordable internet service. They knew they weren’t alone, so they began building a company to offer internet service to rural West Virginians.

Using signals from towers located at various spots across southern West Virginia, they provide wireless internet to homes who have a line of sight to their towers. They are constantly expanding their towers in order to serve more people.

Last weekend, when their new customer, Clifton Presbyterian Church, had problems broadcasting their worship service, Richard volunteered to drive from Beckley to Lewisburg to personally assist them at 8am.

Richard Scott always has a smile on his face, and a laptop ready to troubleshoot any internet problem. For his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to connecting West Virginians, we are proud to name him as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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