Veterans endorse USMC Veteran Zach Shrewsbury for US Senate in West Virginia

Common Defense, the nation’s largest grassroots veterans organization, is proud to endorse Zach Shrewsbury for U.S. Senate representing West Virginia. Zach is a veteran of the Marine Corps and is the only candidate in this race running to address the critical problems facing West Virginians. Throughout his
years of service Zach has been an advocate for Appalachians, and working class communities. Governor Jim Justice has shown over and over again that he cares more about raking in his coal money and that he does not care about vulnerable West Virginians.

Too often our elected officials get into power thanks to monied interests or their own deep pockets. West Virginians — and all of us — deserve to be represented by people who have shared our struggles and know how to create solutions to help our communities. It is clear that in this race there is only one candidate who will fight for the people over corporate profits and greed: Zach Shrewsbury.

“As a veteran and proud granddaughter of a coal miner, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside Zach in the West Side of Charleston over the years to make our communities better and more resilient. Zach has been a champion for the West Side, helping to get people back to work by working with faith leaders within the community. I can think of no one better to take the concerns of West Virginians to DC. He will be a voice for our community unlike any we have had before. I’m honored to throw my support behind my fellow military brother in this race!” – Lakiesha Lloyd, US Army veteran

“As Appalachians, and especially, as West Virginians, it feels like we are always overlooked, taken advantage of, and used up and discarded by these companies and politicians who come in to make a quick buck without caring about the damage they leave behind. In Zach, I finally see a candidate that is going to do things differently and fight for us and not greedy corporations. We need to send him to the Senate.” – June Spence, US Army veteran and community organizer

With a looming government shutdown, the gridlock we see in Congress is proving how much Republicans are incapable of governing responsibly. We are overdue for change and veterans in West Virginia, and around the country, know that Zach will help bring that change when we help send him to Washington. Instead of being beholden to corporate interests and big money lobbyists, Zach will be on the side of the people: working to ease the opioid epidemic that is ravaging our communities — particularly in Appalachia, fighting to bring good, union jobs back to West Virginia and Appalachia that point us toward the future, and so much more. Zach is the champion we need in the Senate.

Common Defense is a grassroots, veteran-led organization founded in 2016. We empower veterans to stand up for our communities against the rising tide of racism, hate, and violence, to organize against the entrenched power of greedy billionaires who have rigged our economy, and to champion an equitable and representative democracy where “liberty and justice” truly is for all. For too long, politicians from both political parties have attempted to use veterans as unwilling political props. Common Defense serves as a home for veterans to organize and speak for themselves and support the candidates who genuinely share our values. The candidates we endorse reflect our values as an organization, and our member-driven endorsement process ensures that the candidates have grassroots support.


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