Mavericks move on to second round of state tournament, Mary Meadows awarded Greg Reed Memorial Scholarship

By Matthew Young, RealWV

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – James Monroe fought their way into the semi-finals of the State Championship tournament on Wednesday, by virtue of a 58 to 57 win over a very game Huntington St. Joseph Central team.

With a record of 16 wins and eight losses, the Mavericks entered the state tournament as the fifth seed in the Class A Division. The team’s leading scorers against Huntington St. Joseph Central were freshman Mya Dunlap with 18 points, junior Ava Dunlap with 12 points, junior Maggie Boroski and senior Abigail Mathis with 11 points each, senior Mary Meadows with 4 points, and junior Aleghia Hill with two points.

Senior Mary Meadows was awarded the Greg Reed Memorial Leadership Scholarship before the game began. Photo by Matthew Young, RealWV.

Rounding out the 2023/2024 Mavericks are junior Lilly St. Clair, junior Aleigha Hopkins, freshman Rileigh Jackson, junior Kinleigh Bradley, freshman Jordan Roberts, and freshman Hannah Terry. Mavericks’ Head Coach is Angela Mann. Assistant Coaches are Judy Ann Meadows, Christina Dunlap, and Neil Dunlap. Team Managers are Hannah Mann and Haleigh Mann.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play

Huntington St. Joseph CentralTimeScoreJames Monroe
07:110-2Layup by Mya Dunlap
06:520-4Layup by Maggie Boroski
05:220-6Layup by Maggie Boroski
04:530-8Jumpshot by Ava Dunlap
Three pointer03:323-8
03:213-10Layup by Abigail Mathis
02:533-13Three pointer by Ava Dunlap
02:185-16Three pointer by Ava Dunlap
01:245-18Tip-in by Abigail Mathis
01:045-20Layup by Mya Dunlap
Three pointer00:348-20

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

Huntington St. Joseph CentralTimeScoreJames Monroe
07:0810-22Jumpshot by Mya Dunlap
07:0810-23Free throw by Mya Dunlap
Missed free throw06:51
06:0012-25Free throws by Aleigha Hill
05:5614-27Layup by Abigail Mathis
Three pointer04:2917-27
Free throw03:0720-27
02:3920-29Jumpshot by Maggie Boroski
Three pointer01:0525-29
00:4525-31Free throws by Maggie Boroski

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

Huntington St. Joseph CentralTimeScoreJames Monroe
06:5027-33Jumpshot by Mya Dunlap
Three pointer06:2430-33
05:42Missed free throws
05:3730-35Layup by Abigail Mathis
Three pointer04:5835-35
Free throw02:5436-35
Missed free throws02:34
Missed free throws01:57
Three pointer01:5139-35
01:3439-36Free throw by Abigail Mathis
Free throws00:1941-36
00:1241-38Layup by Abigail Mathis

4th Quarter Play-by-Play

Huntington St. Joseph CentralTimeScoreJames Monroe
Free throws07:3543-38
06:4043-40Layup by Ava Dunlap
05:3643-42Layup by Mya Dunlap
04:3145-44Layup by Maggie Boroski
Missed free throws04:19
03:4945-46Layup by Mya Dunlap
03:1545-48Tip-in by Maggie Boroski
02:57Missed free throws
Free throw02:2346-49
01:4546-51Free throws by Mary Meadows
Three pointer01:2149-51
01:0949-53Free throws by Mya Dunlap
00:5349-55Layup by Ava Dunlap
00:2951-56Free throw by Mya Dunlap
00:15Missed free throws
Free throws00:0955-56
00:0855-58Free throws by Mary Meadows

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