The history of the 4-H–FFA Ham, Bacon, & Egg Sale in Greenbrier County

By Alvin Porterfield, former FFA advisor at Lewisburg High School & Greenbrier County Schools Vocational Director

In the late 1940’s, the Greenbrier Valley District of FFA composed of schools in Pocahontas, Monroe, Summers, and Greenbrier Counties under the leadership of Guy Cain, Assistant State Supervisor of FFA from the State Department of Education in Charleston, began the Ham, Bacon and Egg Show and Sale.

The first show was held in Lewisburg at the Hanna Chevrolet Motor’s showroom (later named Bill Lewis Motors). The hams, bacons, and eggs were judged and the 1st place winners were sent to Charleston to be entered in the State Show and Sale. All other entries were sold at the local sale.

A few years later the 4-H started a show under the direction of Jimmy Johnson and it was held in Rainelle. Due to the lack of interest it was disbanded and the Greenbrier District of FFA asked the 4-H if they would like to join in with the show and sale in Lewisburg. They agreed to do so and it has been a partnership ever since. The show is now held at the State Fairgrounds.

The Show and Sale has grown over the last few years. Only Monroe and Greenbrier Counties are now involved in the local event. The other counties now have their own Show and Sale or are not active in the program.

Greenbrier County has a modern processing plant located at Greenbrier East High School Vo-Ag and FFA Department. Hams and Bacons are cured, smoked and trimmed at this facility. Monroe County has the same type of operation at James Monroe High School.

The program has been a very educational and hands on experience for many young people.

Many thanks to the local auctioneers who give their service without charge. Also thanks to the people who buy and support the sale.

Publisher’s note: Mr. Porterfield died in 2017, but his legacy lives on in the sale. It will occur this Friday night at the WV State Fairgrounds. We will publish a summary of the event next week. Many thanks to the Porterfield family for sharing his history of the event with the community.


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