Nellies’ Flower Farm blooms in the hills of Hampshire County

By Vanta Coda III, RealWV

In the sprawling hills of Hampshire County lies Nellie’s Flower Farm, an agritourism destination that allows guests to cut their own flowers and be able to purchase hand-crafted products from local artisans in the region. Angie Park, owner of Nellie’s Flower Farm, started growing a small plot of flowers on the property in 2021. Since then, she has grown her business from more than just growing flowers, but also setting up glamping amenities for tourists, helping utilize their family land which has been passed down for five generations.

Nellie Park, Angie’s grandmother (left) owned the house where Nellie’s Flower Shop is run out of until she passed away in 2002. Angie and her siblings are pictured in the farmhouse’s kitchen (right). Small prints of these old family photos are used as price tags for flower farm products. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

Park acquired the farm from her aunt when she sold the farm to her and her siblings in 2019. The farm was once owned by Park’s grandmother, Nellie Park, which Angie named her flower business after.

“I have three daughters and three wonderful siblings who help me with everything, so it’s a total family operation here,” said Park. “I come up with these hair-brained ideas — they just go with it.”

Sitting at the dining room table, Angie checks incoming emails from her day job as afternoon light pours into the room. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

The house was originally built by Angies’ great grandfather in 1896. Park spent a great deal of time at her grandmother’s house when she was growing up. Angie inspires to keep the family home as she remembered, working hard to restore the house to its former glory.

Angie gazes across the open field at her grandmother’s house. Within the coming months, the landscape will be teeming with flower blooms — and community members from far and wide who come out to enjoy them. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

“She grew a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers, she did everything around here,” said Parker, “she is my inspiration.”

As the early stages of the spring season continue on, Park and her family prepare for planting and finishing projects for when they open their land to visitors during their busy season, which is from late spring to the end of summer.

Gleaming in the sunlight Angie’s two white peacocks investigate a row of late blooming daffodils. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

Very active in the community, Park hosts markets on Nellie’s Flower Farm property and attends a lot of farmers markets and county fairs, spreading the word not only about their family business, but also getting people into growing as well.

“We have little mini festivals here once a month where lots of vendors set up and sell their wares,” said Angie. “I have so many local artisans that set up here, like 17 vendors or so — it’s fun.

Park’s main aim is to bring the warmth and happiness that she was accustomed to growing up to the guests visiting the farm, either to pick flowers or to be in good company between the hills of Randolph County. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

“My whole life is here,” said Angie Park, “I want visitors to come here and feel the sense of home I felt growing up here.”

Angie stands on the platform for the geodome she is building to house more guests. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

“I did farmer’s markets in Cambridge selling my flowers,” said Angie. “I didn’t know what I was doing making these bouquets. People were buying them. I plant my fields full of flowers out here. People come and pick them. Then I decided maybe people want to stay at the flower farm. So I bought yurts. We do glamping now. Then I decided maybe people want to do something else. So now I’m building a base for a 20×20 geo dome.”

Angie is excited to get to welcome more people from all places and all walks of life to spend time at and share in this place she holds so dear.

Fabric dances in the wind as the bright afternoon light shines over the farm. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

Often in the summer months, Angie will host craft events which pull together community members to enjoy time outside, spending time with other like-minded people — creating something new.

“I’m an old hippie and now I’m finally in style,” said Angie.

Angie Park leans against a post on the front porch of her business, name-saked after her grandmother, Nellie’s Flower Farm. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

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