Charleston interfaith leaders gather and pray in support of Gaza

CHARLESTON, W.Va – In a profound display of unity and compassion, interfaith leaders and community members from the Greater Charleston area will gather and join in prayer dedicated to the people of Gaza. This significant event is scheduled for Good Friday, March 29th, at 11 AM, at the intersection of Leon Sullivan and Virginia Street.

At a time when Gaza faces unparalleled challenges and suffering, leaders from various faiths and congregations local to Charleston will come together to shine a light of hope and solidarity. The gathering aims to foster a collective call for peace and an immediate ceasefire in the region, while amplifying the urgently dire calls for expanding humanitarian aid.

Organized by a coalition of religious groups and local organizers, this event stands as a testament to the shared values and commitments across our city’s broad faith community. Representatives from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and other faith communities will lead the gathering in prayers and reflections, emphasizing the urgent need for peace and the protection of innocent lives in Gaza. The gathering is timed during an intersection of significant religious times of several faiths. It takes place on Good Friday, following Purim the weekend before, and marks the beginning of the last ten nights of Ramadan and the Night of Power.

This is the latest in a series of Charleston’s interfaith events to support a ceasefire and the urgent call for humanitarian aid in Gaza. Since October, advocates have organized rallies, vigils, and a teach-in, while flooding multiple Charleston City Council meetings earlier in the year seeking a local ceasefire resolution.

On Friday, attendees can join the gathering to show spiritual support and call on national and local leaders to work diligently towards a lasting ceasefire and expanding direly needed humanitarian aid.

Since October 7, 2023, following a horrific attack upon civilians by Hamas militants, the Gaza Strip has been engulfed in a devastating conflict that has seen Israeli airstrikes and extensive military operations. The health ministry in Gaza reported a civilian death toll surpassing 30,000. This grim situation underscores the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and a concerted effort towards achieving peace and stability in the region. Many groups across the United States have been calling for a ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and to work toward peaceful solutions.


  • Ibtesam Sue Barazi
  • Rev. Jim Lewis
  • Pastor Darick Biondi
  • Pastor Dawn Adamy
  • Kenny Matthews
  • Archana Narasimhan

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