Rod Mohler brings 30+ years of local experience and a positive attitude to race for judge in Monroe/Summers

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

“I really enjoy helping people with complicated problems.” 

That’s what has sustained Rod Mohler’s 30+ years of local legal experience in southern West Virginia. “If there’s something to be done in the legal practice, I’ve had some experience with it.” 

“I’ve done it from every single angle–civil defense, civil plaintiff, criminal defense, and prosecution,” Mohler shares. He’s now in his 27th year of serving as a prosecutor. 

After graduating from the University of Tennessee Law School, he and his wife, Reba, were “anxious” to get back home to Monroe County. “We were both raised here. This is home.” 

Mohler says he received more lucrative job offers in other places, but he chose to head back to southern West Virginia because it’s where he felt his work was most important. “You may give up a little bit in regard to economic strength, but the quality of life here is second to none.”

Mohler and his wife raised four sons in Monroe. “Family is everything to us. That to me is what makes the sun shines. It was a joy raising our sons. It was a challenge, but the reward was incredible. When we had our first, I didn’t think I could love other children as much. But then you realize love isn’t finite. You love them all deeply. If I could afford them, I’d have ten kids.”

For the past 25 years, he’s been deeply involved in youth sports. “I’ve been a little league coach for probably 10-12 years. That was a joy to be with other parent’s through their joys and struggles. It’s a real bonding experience. To see these kids start at 5 or 6 and grow into adults is priceless.” 

Mohler also works behind the scenes of Sports of Monroe to help fundraise for the costs of extracurricular youth sports activities. “I’m super proud to have been some small part of that organization,” he says. “A few years ago, we saw more concussions in football. We discovered through a study from Virginia Tech that the size and weight of the helmets we had was contributing to the problem, so we replaced all them. We had help from the Hollowell Foundation and provided better safety for the kids.”

That work began when Mohler first return to town after law school. “I’d just come back and the schools were consolidating. The SBA and Board of Education didn’t have money to build athletic facilities. So The Sports Foundation (predecessor organization of Sports of Monroe) got together and raised the money to build those athletic facilities. Then we deeded them over to the school.”

Mohler thinks the investments made in young people combined with an interest in more people living in West Virginia is producing positive results. “Thinking back on how White Sulphur Springs has bounded back after the flood, it’s a testament to the people that live in this part of West Virginia. This part of the world is starting to grow in a positive way.” 

What serves as the basis for Mohler’s positive outlook? His faith. “I’m a devout Christian, which to me means I’m a work in progress. Hopefully I can be a little better today than I was yesterday, and if I don’t succeed I can try again tomorrow. I’m blessed beyond what I deserve.”

In terms of the current race for judge, Mohler praises his fellow candidates as all being qualified and experienced lawyers. “I’ve got a lot of respect for all of my opponents. The circuit has some good choices to make. I would invite people to do a little of their own research. We all have long histories. Check around. Talk to folks. I will respect whatever decision voters make on May 14.” 

Mohler is running for Circuit Court in District 30 which serves Monroe & Summers. His opponents include Amy Mann, Keith Lively, and Kristin Cook. Voters will choose a new judge in the primary election this May.


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