2024 Primary Election: U.S. President

By RealWV Staff,

The 2024 Presidential Election is heading toward a probable rematch between current President Joe Biden, and former President Donald Trump. Should that be the case, the two presidents will set a new national record – besting by four years the record that they themselves set in 2020 – as the two oldest candidates to ever compete for the presidency.

Although the two major parties have seemingly selected their nominees, eight other candidates remain on the primary ballots. And while Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is not competing in the primaries, and has only gained ballot access in four states – West Virginia not being one of them – he looks to be a potential November disruptor to both Biden and Trump.

Democratic Candidates:

NOTE: President Biden has already secured enough Delegates for the Democratic nomination.

Republican Candidates:

NOTE: Former President Donald Trump has already secured enough Delegates for the Republican nomination.

Mountain Party Candidates:

Miscellaneous Presidential Candidates – Not Appearing on Primary Ballot:

  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (independent challenger – Malibu, CA): Campaign website: https://www.kennedy24.com/. Kennedy is running for president on the “We The People” ticket. Notable endorsements: Aaron Rodgers, Jesse Ventura, American Independent Party, Natural Law Party.

Read The RealWV’s coverage of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Jan. 27 campaign event in West Virginia below:

President Kennedy? RFK Jr. makes campaign stop in West Virginia


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