2024 Primary Election: County Commission & County Sheriff

By RealWV Staff,

The overwhelming majority of the governing that truly matters to the average Mountaineer, the governing that has a significant impact on the every day life of residents, happens at the local level. While most West Virginians can readily name the President of the United States, or who they would prefer be the President of the United States, few can identify their County Commissioners, or their County Sheriff.

In Fayette County, Republican Commission candidate Mike Harvey faces two primary opponents – Greg Fernett and incumbent Commissioner Tom Louisos. The winner will face unopposed presumptive Democratic nominee Gabe Pena in November’s general election. In Summers County, incumbent Republican Commissioner Charles Saunders is challenged by Jeff Lyon and Tony Williams. With no Democratic opponent, the winner of the primary will be the presumptive winner of the general as well. And in Greenbrier County, the situation is similar. Incumbent Republican Commissioner Tammy Tincher is challenged by Bob Ford in the primary, with no Democratic contender on the horizon.

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Much as with the race for County Commissioner, the contest to determine Greenbrier County’s Republican Sheriff nominee will also determine the probable winner of November’s general election, as there is no Democratic challenger for the office.

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