Tyler Childers releases beloved track on album honoring Mountain Stage

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

My son’s first concert was Tyler Childers at Healing Appalachia in 2018. (I know, I know…we set the bar too high for his first show!) He had just started walking, so we took our lawn chairs and set up shop in the back where we could have some space from the crowd. As soon as the show started, our son began dancing.

Then Tyler started playing “Going Home,” a catchy tune about a bad night that just keeps getting worse while he’s on his way from Lexington to Lewisburg. That’s when our son’s dancing hit a whole new level. He started to move and groove like a spirit was inhabiting his soul! And up until now, that song has remained unreleased, available only via live shows and recordings on YouTube.

A live version of “Going Home” is now available on Live from Mountain Stage–Outlaws & Outliers, an album of live performances celebrating 40 years of West Virginia’s premier music outlet. In addition to Childers, the album features Margo Price, Sierra Ferrell, Jason Isbell, Molly Tuttle, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, Kathy Mattea, Tim O’Brien, Alison Krauss, and John Prine. It releases on April 19 on all major streaming platforms.

For more information on Mountain Stage’s 40th anniversary, visit here for our previous coverage.

You can listen to “Going Home” on YouTube now before buying the album later this week:

According to stories told by Tyler Childers when performing the song, “Going Home” was about a night he and his band were heading from Lexington, Kentucky, back to West Virginia. They got into a conflict with another group of guys in the Waffle House parking lot, drove off to get away from them, the other guys ran after them, and the police intervened just in time to detain the other guys while Tyler and the band drove off. But the night was just beginning, as Tyler ended up getting a speeding ticket and a flat tire later in the night. His wife had taken his tools out of his car, so he couldn’t change his flat. All he wanted to do was get home, and that’s what how this song was born.


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