Gubernatorial candidate Moore Capito tours Carpenters Training Center, receives endorsement from Trade Workers

By Matthew Young, RealWV

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – “Moore Capito wants to keep our people working in West Virginia. And that’s what we’re focused on – good jobs and good wages for our people.”

That’s what West Virginia Building and Construction Trades Director Justin Williams told a group of apprentices and instructors during an event at the Carpenter’s Training Center in South Charleston on Wednesday. Williams was there to officially grant Capito the West Virginia Building Trade Workers’ endorsement in his bid to be the state’s next governor, and Capito was on-hand to accept their endorsement. 

“As a lifelong West Virginian and father of two children, I will tell you the future of this state is deeply personal to me,” Capito said. “It’s deeply personal to every one of you for your own reasons, but the common thing that we all have, at the end of the day, is that we want a future for our kids and our grandkids so that they can stay right here in West Virginia.”

Capito, who was endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America last month, is one of six candidates vying for the Republican nomination in the May 14 Primary election. Most polling shows Capito to be among the top three challengers in a highly competitive race, with some 30% of independent voters still undecided. 

“The folks that are standing around me today […] are the future,” Capito noted. “The folks that are dedicated to hard work, that aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up, and that want to make a better community to live in.”

“As your governor, we will focus on having the strongest communities in the country,” Capito added. “And when we claim the banner of having those communities, we will all grow together because of you.”

Capito spoke briefly about his proposed “West Virginia Ready” initiative, through which high school students would be made ready to pass a college entrance exam, military entrance exam, or enter the workforce already in possession of a skill. 

“We need to start equipping our kids with things that they always can do, no matter what they want to do,” Capito said. 

Capito then touched on the political shift toward Trump-style “coalition building,” saying, “We’re building that same coalition right here in West Virginia, just like President Trump has done.”

“This is about hard working people, and putting them to work,” Capito added. “Those are the folks that make the difference in our community, and those folks are all of you.” 

Primary Election Day in West Virginia is Tuesday, May 14. Voters must be registered either as independent, or a member of a particular political party to vote in that party’s primary election. 


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