Susan Syner & Mary Baldwin

“If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.”

Few tandems are as busy as Susan Syner and Mary Baldwin. They are active business leaders in multiple ventures including The Briergarten, one of downtown Lewisburg’s newest hot spots. And these busy ladies know how to get things done.

Their latest project is the renovation and reopening of an iconic Lewisburg institution–The Lewis Theatre. Originally built in 1939 by an architect from Charleston in post-deco style, the Lewis has wowed moviegoers and community members for decades. Most everyone around town has a story about seeing a particular movie, perhaps even enjoying a meal in the old balcony, of the famed theatre.

And now Susan and Mary are working their magic on the space. As the new owners, they’ve elegantly revitalized it. When you walk into the lobby, you feel like you’ve been transported to the glory days of film. Their aesthetic is clean and classy, making the space inviting for folks from all around.

Susan and Mary say they plan to show second-run movies and classic films, host concerts, and provide a space for community events. In other words, America’s Coolest Small Town is about to get even cooler…thanks to Susan and Mary.

For their commitment to community and economic development in the Greenbrier Valley, we are proud to name Susan Syner & Mary Baldwin as the certified Real West Virginians of the Week.

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