Justice officially endorses Moore Capito for West Virginia’s next Governor

By RealWV Staff,

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Gov. Jim Justice, on Thursday, officially endorsed Moore Capito to succeed him as West Virginia’s next chief executive. 

“I believe everyone understands just how important the race for governor is in West Virginia,” Justice said, in a statement released Thursday afternoon. “Dozens of people ask me every day, ‘Who do you want us to vote for?’ They say, ‘We want to keep all the good things rolling.’ We have come so far and have turned our state around. We can’t lose our momentum now.”

Although the term-limited Justice believes that we “have good candidates” for the governor’s office, he notes in his statement that he is “saddened by the ridiculous mudsling” on the part of some Republican candidates during their primary campaigns. He goes on to express his belief that Capito is “laser focused on continuing to keep us on the path of goodness.”

With the end of his second term drawing ever closer, Justice is now the frontrunner to replace Joe Manchin as West Virginia’s representative in the United States Senate, a pursuit which Capito endorsed several months ago.

“I am honored to announce my wholehearted endorsement for Moore Capito for Governor and that I will support him in every way,” Justice’s statement further says. “He is from a family of thoroughbreds: from his three-time-elected-Governor-grandfather Arch Moore to his current United States Senator-mother Shelley Moore Capito. Moore has shown he has the vision and knowledge to elevate West Virginia, and I am proud to wish him success.”

In response to Justice’s endorsement, Capito released a statement of his own.

“Governor Justice is a leader of generational consequence,” Capito stated. “It is a true honor to have earned his endorsement.”

Capito further credits Justice’s “visionary leadership” with creating jobs, and spurring investment and innovation throughout the state, adding, “I’ve greatly enjoyed working alongside Governor Justice, watching and learning from him while we were getting big things done for the people of West Virginia.”

“As Governor, I look forward to working with Senator Justice to keep getting it done for West Virginia by generating new opportunities for West Virginians and those who want to come here for our Wild Wonderful way of life,” Capito’s statement concludes.

A total of six Republican candidates are challenging in the primary. Huntington Mayor Steve Williams is unopposed in the Democratic primary. Primary Election Day in West Virginia is Tuesday, May 14. Voters must be registered either as independent, or a member of a particular political party to vote in that party’s primary election. 


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