Three candidates for governor have at least $1 million left for final weeks of campaign 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

With less than three weeks to go until the primary election, years of campaigning will come down to the wire. Candidates for governor have raise more than $10 million in combined campaign contributions. Much of it from out-of-state candidates, especially for frontrunner Patrick Morrisey.

Three candidates still have more than $1 million left to spend in the final weeks. Morrisey has $1.6 million in the bank, Miller has $1.2 million remaining, and Miller holds $1 million.  

So all those TV ads you’ve been seeing? Expect lots more.

Here’s a quick rundown of the major candidate’s fundraising efforts. 

Patrick Morrisey

Patrick Morrisey began with $1.8 million and raised an additional $873,000 this quarter. He spent $1 million, leaving him $1.6 million in his campaign account. 

He has a deep base of individual donors, as he submitted more than 700 pages of names of people who contributed to his campaign this quarter, though many of them appear multiple times for tiny donations in the amounts of $1 or $2.22, for example. 

Numerous political donors from across America gave Morrisey large contributions. Katherine Crow, wife of Harlan Crow (who himself gave to Morrisey previously and was accused of potential improper spending on gifts Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), gave Morrsiey the max amount. As did the Must Act to Create Excellence PAC, which is associated with Representative Nancy Mace (South Carolina). 

While he did not disclose the overall percentage of out of state donors, it appears that approximately 85% of his donors are outside West Virginia. 

Moore Capito

Moore Capito began with $1.2 million and raised an additional $329,000 this quarter. He spent $454,000, leaving him $1 million in his campaign account. 

Donors continue to include political action committees tied to federal officials, business leaders, real estate investors, attorneys, car dealers, energy executives, and power brokers from across the state and nation. 

US Senator John Thune hosted a fundraiser for Capito in Washington, DC, where donors included Exxon Mobil. 

US Senator Katie Britt, a colleague of Capito’s mother, donated $5,000 to him. Several labor unions made large donations to Capito in the past quarter as well. 

Capito held fundraisers in numerous states including Missouri, Florida, and DC this quarter. 

Approximately half of his donations come from inside the state. 

Chris Miller

Chris Miller began with $3.7 million and raised an additional $161,000 this quarter. He spent $2.7 million, leaving him $1.2 million in his campaign account. 

Miller continues to be his own campaign’s largest donor, loaning himself more than $3 million thus far.

His expenditures of $2.7 million were focused on political consultants and big media buys for TV and digital ads. 

Unlike his opponents, most all of his campaign contributions from inside the state. All of his fundraisers were held inside the state. 

Mac Warner

Mac Warner began with $161,000 and raised an additional $72,000 this quarter. He spent $41,000, leaving him $192,000 in his campaign account. 

Unlike his opponents, Warner has not bought television ads, instead focusing on in-person campaigning and signs instead of media buys. While he has raised and spent less than other major candidates, Warner enjoys strong grassroots support. He received dozens of small-dollar donations from in-state, but the vast majority of his large-dollar donations this quarter were from all over the nation including Florida, Nevada, Delaware, Texas, and Virginia. More than half his donations come from out of state. 

Steve Williams

The only Democratic candidate to declare for office is Mayor Steve Williams. He began with $3,300 and raised raised $17,800 this quarter. He spent $78 and has $21,000 in the bank. 

All of his donations came from inside the state, including max donations from a political action committee connected to Senator Joe Manchin (Country Roads PAC).

The primary election for governor is May 14 in West Virginia. Independent voters may choose to vote on either the Republican or the Democratic primary ballot.


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