Primitive Goods moves to larger space, adds food items

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Last spring , Ronceverte welcomed a new general store. The owners of Primitive Goods offered quality items at affordable prices. 

Tired of making Amazon orders, they wanted to shop locally for quality, affordable home goods. 

Tired of traffic, they wanted to stay close to home to buy those products. 

Tired of buying products made overseas, they wanted to support local businesses. 

So they decided to fulfill a lifelong dream, opening their own general store in downtown Ronceverte. It has been so popular that they’ve just moved into a larger, newly-renovated building on Route 219. 

Primitive Goods moved to the base of Ronceverte Hill, in between 219 and Teaberry Road. The move allows them more space and new food offerings. Photo by RealWV.

“We’re really happy the new space,” the owners of Primitive Goods tell RealWV. “This allows us to grow.”

You can still get all the same items you’ve grown to love over the past year–antiques, goats milk soaps, kitchenware, and gifts–but now you can also buy food. 

“More space was the reason for the switch,” said the owners. “We expanded our grocery and dry goods items.” 

They sell cupcakes, bagels, cookies, breads, berries, greens, and beef. All from local farms and bakers. 

“We’re a certified farmer’s market now,” they shared. Their suppliers include Rolling Dough, Taste of Eggcellence, Middle Mountain Farmstead, Mountain Cottage, TL Fruits & Vegetables, and more. 

Just like always, they carry fresh-roasted coffee from Mountain Table, which you can now also buy brewed in store. In addition, they sell compostable K-cups from Mountain Table. 

“We get to be the taste-testers of Ronceverte,” the owners joke. “It’s a great job!” 

Since the move to a new location at the foot of Ronceverte Hill, foot traffic is up. “The location is ideal,” say the owners. “Everyone has to stop at the four-way stop. Our regular locals are coming in, and we’ve had lots of tourists coming through town stop.”

“I had one instance where a family of four stopped and bought some chocolate chip cookies. They bought one pack with six cookies. Half an hour later, they came back and bought two more bags of the same cookies. All we had!”

Their goal remains to offer quality products at affordable prices in a well-curated store where every detail is in order. 

Starting Friday, May 31, Primitive Goods will also host a Friday night market where all of their suppliers will bring additional products for sale during the summer. Stay tuned to RealWV for details.

Primitive Goods is located at 132 Frankford Road in Ronceverte, at the base of Ronceverte Hill. They are open Tuesday-Saturday. For more information, visit them on Facebook.


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