W.Va. Secretary of State Mac Warner participates in 67th annual Youth in Government program at State Capitol


CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Last week, more than 150 student leaders from high schools all across the state traveled to Charleston for a three-day program known as Youth in Government (YIG). The YIG program, organized by the WV Youth Leadership Association, provides students with a simulated experience to allow students to step into the shoes of elected members of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of West Virginia’s state government.

Each year during the opening ceremony, WV Secretary of State Mac Warner addresses the YIG program participants and provides remarks on the importance of civic engagement, registering to vote and running for public office.

Secretary Warner reminded the students of the late U.S. Senator Jennings Randolph’s legacy as “Father of the 26th Amendment” which enfranchised millions of high school students by lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 in 1971. Many of the participants in YIG will be eligible to vote for the very first time in the May 14 Primary Election.

At the end of his remarks, Secretary Warner presented three certificates of participation to students representing each of the three branches of government. The presentation of the certificates is symbolic of the certificates every member of YIG will receive at the end of the program.

Photos from Warner’s remarks and the presentation of the certificates can be found here.


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