Patrick Morrisey makes campaign stop in Greenbrier County, receives endorsement of former presidential candidate

By Matthew Young, RealWV

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, a candidate for the Republican nomination to succeed Jim Justice as the state’s next governor, made a campaign stop at the Dutch Haus in Lewisburg Friday. 

“This has been a really good week,” Morrisey told those in attendance. “I couldn’t think of a better place to share what’s going on in West Virginia than right here with my friends in Greenbrier County.”

Morrisey seemingly referenced digital news outlet MetroNews when he said, “Today, one of the liberal news stations came out and said that in my race for governor we’re ahead by seven points.”

“That’s good polling news, but we can’t let up,” Morrisey continued. “We have 11 days left to knock on every door, to keep making phone calls, [and] to turn our vote out. This will likely be a low-turnout election. Your work makes a difference.”

According to MetroNews’ reporting, their most recent poll shows Morrisey holding at 32%, Secretary of State Mac Warner at 10%, and former Delegate Moore Capito dropping from 29% to 24%. Businessman Chris Miller, the son of Congresswoman Carol Miller, saw the most movement in his polling numbers, jumping from 16% to 24% within recent weeks. However, the poll only included responses from 407 of the state’s nearly 800,000 eligible Republican primary voters. 

Watch the full event on The Greenbrier Journal’s YouTube channel.

“The second big thing this week – many of you have been following what’s been going on with the 4th Circuit (Court) in their effort to trample on the integrity of women’s sports,” Morrisey said. “The 4th Circuit can’t seem to recognize that men and women are different. They somehow don’t think it’s appropriate to separate men’s and women’s sports on the basis of biology. ”

“Here in West Virginia, we know better,” Morrisey added. 

In his criticism, Morrisey cited the 4th Judicial Circuit’s recent overturning of the West Virginia code which prohibits transgender individuals from participating in a school athletic function with the gender they associate with, rather than the gender assigned at birth. 

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been fighting that,” Morrisey explained. “I announced that we’re going to take this ‘integrity in women’s sports’ case all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we will win.”

Morrisey’s primary opponents have been critical of his participation in the case, with Warner calling for the Attorney General to recuse himself from its litigation. 

In a written statement released shortly after the initial ruling, Warner said, “Patrick Morrisey and I do agree on two things. First, the Federal Fourth Circuit Court decision that Morrisey lost 2-1 must be appealed to the United States Supreme Court. Second, since the appeal will most likely not be heard till next year, it will be up to the next Attorney General, not Patrick Morrisey, to defend West Virginia’s law on transgender athletes.”

“With Patrick Morrisey out of the way, I’m confident that West Virginia stands a much better chance of prevailing in the appeal,” Warner added.

The full Republican field includes six candidates for the nomination – the four previously mentioned, as well as Kevin “K.C.” Christian of Chloe, and Mitch Roberts of Poca. Huntington Mayor Steve Williams is the only Democrat in the race, and therefore his party’s presumptive nominee. 

“I think as this race is developing, more and more people know there is one proven conservative, with a track record of getting really big things done for the state,” Morrisey said. “The second reason I think people are really receiving our message well is because people know there are very serious threats facing our state and our nation right now.”

“I mentioned the transgender agenda and the radical agenda that’s coming to West Virginia, and how we have to fight back against that,” Morrisey continued. “But let me tell you that the woke-left has been very busy in Washington, D.C. They’re trying to rewrite Title 9, to take these rampant trans-policies everywhere. Not just to ensure that men are playing sports with women, but to ensure men – hulking men – are walking into locker rooms, and compromising little girls’ privacy and safety.”

According to Morrisey, he has joined a lawsuit on behalf of West Virginia seeking the overturning of the new Title 9 requirements. 

“On issue after issue, we’ve been leading the way to dismantle the administrative-state, to take on the woke-left,” Morrisey noted, “But I think the other reason why people are reacting so well to our campaign is that people know that West Virginia deserves an ‘America first’ conservative as their governor.”

Joining Morrisey for the event was pharmaceutical entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who was in attendance to officially endorse Morrisey’s gubernatorial campaign. 

Early voting in West Virginia is now underway, and will continue through May 11. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 14. Voters must be registered either as independent, or a member of a particular political party to vote in that party’s primary election. 


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