Haven Allen & Levi Masters

Levi Masters has a 15-year old son who works. He uses some of his wages to buy tools, which allows him to do additional jobs. He sees how important that is to his son’s development.

So when Levi heard that Haven Allen–a high school student with his own business–had his chainsaw stolen, he decided to help.

Levi and his crew at Master’s Mech & Tech Garage in Ronceverte chipped in and bought Haven a new chainsaw so he could continue his startup business in addition to his high school studies.

Haven operates H&H Lawn Care in White Sulphur Springs. He offers mowing, landscaping, and small job work. If you’re interested in his services, contact him at 304-661-4310.

For Haven’s work ethic as a student-entrepreneur and Levi’s compassion as a business operator, we are proud to name them the certified Real West Virginians of the Week.

If you want to nominate someone for this honor in a future week, email us at news@therealwv.com.


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