Celebrate ‘Halfway to Halloween’ at Orr’s Farm Market & Orchard in Martinsburg

By Vanta Coda III, RealWV

As May marks the Halfway point to the Halloween season for farmers, orchards like the year-round Orr’s Farm Market & Orchard offer spring festivities for all generations.

Even though Orr’s Farm Market & Orchard’s busiest months are August, September, and October visitors still flock to the scenic hillside orchard for a fun outing. From petting zoos, sprawling orchards, and their famous farmers market visitors have a plethora of activities to partake in while Katy Orr-Dove and her team prepare for the nearing busy season of Fall.  

As the midafternoon sun beams down a shopper walks into Orr’s Farm Market. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

“My dad was pretty smart about the layout of the farm, he stationed each fruit next to the one that was coming next,” said Orr-Dove. “So really from May 17 until the beginning of November, there’s something you can pick at any time.

The crops for this Fall like corn and various pumpkin species will be planted on May 15 in fields close to the farmers market and petting zoo facility. Designated apple-picking trees will also be next to the barn, so guests can harvest apples during the Fall season. 

A mother and her baby stroll down an aisle of the Orr’s Farm Market, which has West Virginia University memorabilia. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

“We’ve been doing fall activities for about 12-15 years now,” said Orr Dove. “We just kind of keep adding to it.” 

Orr’s Farmers Market & Orchard barn complex has many traditional farm animals, but they also have a handful of exotic birds like peacocks and emus, which makes them unique to other businesses in the area. 

Deborah Moreland, store clerk, checks out a customer’s order at the register. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

During the months leading up to Fall, guests can pick their flowers from June to September to make their bouquets, while also enjoying peaches that fruit from July to August. 

“A lot of farm markets close and are just seasonal,” said Orr-Dove. “But what we’ve found is that we have a lot of food products that go into the winter season, so our farmers market stays open all year round.”

Jackie Dove, advertising manager, sorts and carts pints of North Carolina strawberries. “We are purchasing these strawberries from farms down in North Carolina until our strawberries come in,” said Dove. “It won’t be long now until our strawberries start fruiting.” Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

Orr’s Market also sources fresh and local produce from surrounding vendors in the area, which helps put the word out for Appalachian community vendors across a handful of states. 

As Orr’s Farm Market & Orchard reaches its halfway point in preparation for the Fall Season the sound of laughter and happiness will only build from that moment forward.

Half Slices of miscellaneous fruit-filled pies fill the shelves of a freezer in one of the Orr’s Farm Market aisles. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.
Guillermo Elasio, orchard worker, trims peach trees in the orchard. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.
Kimberly Bowman, Office Manager, gingerly holds a three-week-old baby goat in one of the pins at the petting zoo. Photo by Vanta Coda III, RealWV.

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