Dad writes song for daughter as she leaves for college

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Seth Burke dropped off his middle daughter, Lauren, at a dormitory in Morgantown several years ago. As he and his wife got on the elevator to leave, he felt miserable. 

“It was the saddest day of my life,” he remembers. 

“Time moves so fast,” he says. “You go from tying their shoes to dropping them off at college.” 

Seth is a songwriter and decided to channel his experience into a song. Titled “Morgantown,” it tells the story he lived that day. 

“The elevator wasn’t the only thing going down,” the song goes. “I’m leaving a piece of my heart in Morgantown.” You can listen to the full song, set to a slideshow of Seth’s whole family, below. 

How did Seth’s daughter, Lauren, react to the song? 

“She cried,” he shares. “She said that was the nicest thing anybody had ever done for her.”

“How many dads are gonna be feeling the same way I felt in a few months?,” Seth reflects. “Not just at WVU, but at every school.” 

While Seth didn’t attend West Virginia University, he said he did frequent Morgantown visiting friends who did during college. He knows what a special place it holds in families from across the state and hope the song captures some of the spirit of gamedays and gatherings.  

“A lot of dads can relate to this,” Seth says. “It does get easier after that first time dropping your daughter off. It’s all about faith.” 

Seth Burke with his two oldest daughters at The Greenbrier.

Seth doesn’t sing or play the guitar; he is the songwriter and works with musicians in Nashville to record his songs. Over the years, he’s had several songs which have been impactful including, “Oh Say Can You See,” and “The Eagles Are On.” 

Seth, who sells insurance and previously sold cars, says music is an outlet. “Music allows me to get away from everything.”

He says a lady called him recently and asked if one of his songs about God could be played at her husband’s funeral. “That’s what it’s all about,” he says. “That matters to me more than anything.” 

Lauren graduates from WVU this year. Seth and his wife also have daughters age 13 and 25. They’ll all be together in Morgantown for the big day. “It’s been a journey, and we’re grateful for it.”


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