Who has the best burgers in the New River & Greenbrier Valleys? 

By RealWV staff,

The southeastern region of West Virginia is cattle country. Greenbrier County tops the state in beef production. With 39,559 cows in the county and 32,435 people, there are officially more heads of cattle than there are human beings (numbers courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture and the US Census Bureau, both as of 2022). 

So people in our neck of the woods love a good burger. Whether you go to a dive or a fancy place, they probably have one on the menu. We want to know which ones are your favorites…and why. 

Do you like yours just with beef and cheese? Or lots of condiments? Thick or thin? Rare or medium? Lean or juicy? Stacked with sauces and extras? What bun brings it all together? Do you stick to local beef only? Seasoned or not? Tell us why you love what you love.

Here’s how the contest will work. 1) Visit our Facebook page this Thursday to nominate your favorite burger. Comment with the name of your favorite burger spot and what makes it so good. 2) All those nominees will go into a poll on our social media beginning next Monday. 3) The top five from the poll will make it to the final round the following week. 

Your nominations and votes will determine the winners. Don’t gripe and complain later about who got nominated and who didn’t, about who won and who lost! Get busy now, making your nominations. Then vote, vote, vote when the time comes!

As with all of our contests, national chains aren’t eligible to participate. Only West Virginia businesses! And for this particular contest, only those located in the New River & Greenbrier Valleys. That’s Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Greenbrier, Summers, Monroe, Mercer, Wyoming, and McDowell counties. 

When we’re done, we’ll publish a list of all the best burger joints you’ll just have to visit. 

Questions? Email us at news@therealwv.com.


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