West Virginia publisher releases new book from celebrated comedian

BECKLEY, W.Va. – Story Warren, an IP development house, published Team Burger Shed by hit comedian, Tavin Dillard.

Along with the book, Story Warren offered limited edition signed rookie cards to the first 500 orders and sold out.

“I’m thrilled to introduce you to Story Warren’s hilarious new book, Team Burger Shed by Tavin Dillard. Tavin is an absolute legend, one of the funniest characters you’ll ever come across. If you enjoyed Mooses with Bazookas, or you just love clean comedy with hysterical storytelling, this is for you.” -S. D. Smith, Founder of Story Warren

When Tavin Dillard joins his buddies for small-town softball, incredible things happen. It’s a season of highs and lows for the fellas who start the season with no uniforms and no team name. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be laughing along with them. Whether you’re a longtime Tavin Dillard fan or this is your first encounter with him, you’re going to love Team Burger Shed.

Tavin Dillard is a mowin’, edgin’, grass cuttin’ legend. He began building an online audience in 2006 and has welcomed many awesome fans into Chancellor Park and his neck of the woods since then. He has a weekly podcast, performs live comedy shows and he wrote a book.

Find out more at SweetTeaFilms.com or watch Tavin Dillard on InstagramYouTube, or TikTok.Joel Berry, the man behind Tavin, is a husband, father, writer, actor and comedian. He believes people are very important creations of God and we are all looking for connection with God and each other. The right stories connect us and bring refreshment. These are the stories he strives to tell.

Team Burger Shed is available at the Story Warren Store or Amazon.


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