Greenbrier County Schools announce major energy savings initiative

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – Greenbrier County Schools proudly announces a comprehensive energy savings project that will significantly enhance the energy efficiency of school facilities throughout the county. Following an extensive three-year analysis of all school facility lighting, HVAC systems, and utility costs, the $14 million project, led by the engineering firm CMTA, will impact every school in the district. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, the school system will be eligible for over 2 million dollars in federal credits, bringing the total cost of the project down to 12 million dollars. 

The project’s primary goals are to modernize infrastructure, reduce energy consumption, and generate substantial cost savings for the district. The initiative is guaranteed to save Greenbrier County Schools $500,000 annually. This long-term investment will provide immediate and enduring benefits to the school system and the community.

Project Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: A detailed analysis of all school facility lighting, HVAC systems, and utility costs was conducted over three years to identify improvement opportunities and energy savings.
  • Solar Power Installation: With the installation of solar panels at Rupert Elementary and Western Greenbrier Middle, these schools will have the most extensive solar array of any school site in West Virginia, making these two schools net zero energy-cost facilities. Additionally, Rainelle Elementary will receive solar panels, reducing consumption costs.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: The project will include replacing outdated HVAC systems, installing energy-efficient LED lighting, and implementing advanced energy management systems across all schools in the county.
  • Window Replacements: All exterior windows at Greenbrier East High School will be replaced with energy-efficient windows to reduce energy consumption and enhance school safety.
  • Educational Impact: Beyond financial savings, the project will create a healthier and more comfortable learning environment for students and staff, supporting the district’s commitment to providing high-quality education.

“We are dedicated to improving our facilities in fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable ways,” said Superintendent Jeff Bryant. “This project not only represents a significant investment in our infrastructure but also demonstrates our commitment to future generations by reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring the longevity of our schools.”

The project will be implemented in phases, with most of the work scheduled for completion over the summer. CMTA, a leader in energy-efficient engineering solutions, will oversee the implementation, ensuring that the project meets its goals and delivers the projected savings.

Chief School Business Official David McClure states, “CMTA is a leader in the industry, and we are excited to partner with them on this comprehensive project that will benefit students and reduce overall operating costs so we can redirect those resources to educating students.”


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