Greenbrier Humane Society at full capacity, suspends adoption fees

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – In an alarming turn of events, Greenbrier Humane Society, a beloved haven for animals in Greenbrier County, is currently at full capacity with zero empty kennels for dogs. This pressing situation has placed the humane society in a state of crisis, urgently calling for community support and action. Greenbrier Humane Society continues to accommodate to the rise in intakes, but needs the community support now more than ever! Greenbrier Humane Society is running an adoption special for dogs, with a completely waived fee from May 31st through June 8th

Despite tireless efforts by the dedicated staff and volunteers, the influx of animals seeking refuge has surpassed the facility’s capacity. Greenbrier Humane Society, known for its commitment to providing compassionate care to all animals, now finds itself in a challenging predicament with space. 

“We are facing an unprecedented challenge,” remarked Jocelyn Clark, Shelter Operations Manager at Greenbrier Humane Society. “Our mission has always been to provide a safe haven for animals in distress, but with every kennel filled, we are scrambling to fulfill this mission for new arrivals. It’s heartbreaking for our team but we will accommodate to these new arrivals and care for them just the same.”

The facility is making a fervent appeal to the community for support in several critical ways:

  1. Adoption: Prospective pet owners are urged to consider adoption and provide a forever home to one of Greenbrier Humane Society’s residents. Each adoption not only saves the life of an animal but also creates space for another in need. Adoption fees for dogs will be waived starting May 31st through June 8th.
  2. Foster Care: Greenbrier Humane Society is seeking individuals or families willing to open their hearts and homes to foster animals temporarily. Fostering provides a nurturing environment for animals awaiting adoption and frees up space within the facility.
  3. Donations: Financial contributions are vital to support the facility’s ongoing operations, including medical care, food, facility maintenance and much more. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant difference in the lives of the animals under Greenbrier Humane Society’s care.
  4. Volunteering: Greenbrier Humane Society welcomes volunteers to assist with various tasks, including animal care, walking, and outreach efforts. Volunteering time and skills can help alleviate the strain on the facility’s resources and help the animals get out of their kennels for longer throughout the day. 

Jocelyn added, “We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of support from our community thus far. Together, we can overcome this challenge and continue to provide compassionate care to animals in need.”

Greenbrier Humane Society remains committed to its mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals, but the current situation underscores the urgent need for collective action.

For more information on how to support Greenbrier Humane Society and help alleviate the crisis of zero empty kennels, please contact Greenbrier Humane Society at 304-645-4775 or visit at 151 Holliday Lane Lewisburg, WV 24901.


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