McDowell County to receive funding for 37 additional roadway paving projects

By RealWV Staff,

During May’s Special Legislative Session, lawmakers approved $150 million in supplemental funding for additional road paving throughout West Virginia. This is in addition to the $190 million in federal funding the state’s Division of Highways has already received.

In McDowell County, the new appropriation will provide funding for 37 additional roadway paving projects. While estimates are not yet available for all 37 projects, the partial cost thus far totals $3.3 million. 

Planned roadway paving projects include:

Roadway:Length of paving project:Estimated cost:
Pinto St. (CO 17/13)0.12 miles$70,000
Elkridge Ave. (CO 17/14)0.14 milesTBD
Coke Oven Rd. -1 (CO 17/16)0.49 milesTBD
Coke Oven Rd. – 2 (CO 17/17)0.03 milesTBD
Barker St. (CO 17/20)0.38 milesTBD
Court St. (CO 16/35)1.54 miles$290,000
Linden St. (CO 16/36)0.21 milesTBD
Ash St. (16/37)0.09 milesTBD
Virginia St. (16/35)0.19 milesTBD
Oak St. (16/38)0.22 milesTBD
Chestnut St. (CO 102/71)0.34 miles$150,000
Railroad Ave. (CO 52/76)0.15 milesTBD
River Rd. (CO 102/78)0.14 milesTBD
S. Railroad Ave. (CO 102/79)0.09 milesTBD
S. Chestnut St. (CO 102/80)0.22 milesTBD
Hamilton St. (CO 52/62)0.27 milesTBD
One Way St. (CO 52/63)0.25 milesTBD
Lavaina St. (CO 52/64)0.10 milesTBD
Elwood Ln. (CO 52/65)0.10 milesTBD
Jefferson St. (CO 52/66)0.10 milesTBD
Totten St. (CO 52/67)0.07 milesTBD
McDowell St. (CO 52/75)0.13 milesTBD
Virginia State Line – War (WV 83)1.84 miles$670,000
Virginia State Line – War (WV 83)1.75 milesTBD
Virginia State Line – War (WV 83)1.47 milesTBD
Welch – Pineville (WV 16)3.70 miles$720,000
Long Pole Rd. (CO1/3)6.19 miles$470,000
Twin Branch – Davy (CO 7)1.15 miles$765,000
Little Davy (CO 4)3.25 milesTBD
Asco Hollow Rd. (CO 4/1)2.70 milesTBD
Gospel Ave. (CO 2)0.35 milesTBD
Broad Camp Rd. (CO 4/4)0.16 milesTBD
Elkhorn Station Rd. (CO 52/11)0.44 miles$90,000
Elkhorn St. (CO 52.20)0.31 milesTBD
Crozier Bottom Rd. (CO 52/26)0.25 milesTBD
Coopers Hill Access Rd. (HA 966)0.07 milesTBD
Mud Fork Rd. (CO 3/5)1.06 miles$75,000

In total, the supplemental appropriation will fund 499 roadway paving projects throughout West Virginia which are not covered federally. RealWV will provide updates regarding cost and scheduling as additional information is made available. 


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