Miranda Huffman & Pam Harders

When a high-pressure water line burst inside a housing unit for senior citizens—during a power outage, nonetheless—two neighbors came to the rescue. Miranda Huffman and Pam Harders had never met, but they were about to become fast friends. Here’s the full story.

They both showed up at Morgan Manor in Lewisburg ready to help their neighbors, and weeks later they are still showing up each day.

With residents still evacuated and living in a hotel, Miranda coordinates daily meals from individuals, restaurants, and civic groups. Pam handles their laundry and other unmet needs. Together, they are ensuring that
displaced seniors are as comfortable as possible.

For answering the call to help their neighbors as volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts, we are proud to name Miranda Huffman & Pam Harders as the certified Real West Virginians of the Week.

If you want to make a donation, please call Pam Harders at 304-646-6929. If you want to assist with meals, please call Miranda Huffman at 304-661-5171. 

Have a nomination for a future week? Email us at news@therealwv.com.com.


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