Letter to the Editor: ‘An Independent candidate may be our best choice’

By Wes Holden,

“Those things we talk about today, which seem unreal, where so many people doubt they can be done – the matter of fact is, it has been true all through history, they will be done” – John F. Kennedy

This political season, we are watching a vicious and sometimes violent game, pitting opposing points of view and approaches to determine who will be our public servants in coming years.

As usual, most of the candidates are either Democrat or Republican. However, I urge voters to consider independent and third-party candidates.

There are those in each of the two major parties who would claim that their side has all of the correct answers and can do no wrong, and the other party is corrupt and deluded. But political parties, just as individuals, are more complex than that.

My ideology might align more closely with one party than another, but the real strength of our state and nation comes when we take the best ideas of both parties and those who are not aligned with the major parties.

An independent is, by definition, not bound by party platform and ideology, with the associated entrenched conflicts. An independent candidate is more likely to listen to the stakeholders, the citizens.
Service to our nation must supersede service to a political party.

Once people decide that a partisan letter next to a name is more important than the substance, content and spirit of the person whose name it is, then you do not believe that we are a constitutional democracy that values reason over passion. We are a country that values passion over reason and that is dangerous!

This election season, we should listen to the smart person who has good ideas. We should vote for individuals who we judge to be effective and honest and whose top priority is to improve the quality of life for ordinary West Virginians.

A majority of West Virginians have made it clear that they are tired of the two- party status quo that has left our country mired in inaction.

The politics we are seeing right now, is not who we are. We are better than that! It has nothing to do with political correctness, it is about fundamental values. It is the values we grew up with, values we teach our kids, values we learn in church, values in the documents of our founding fathers.

It is about fairness, opportunities, and hard work. That is what I stand for, because that is what West Virginians stand for.

We need new ideas and solutions to help West Virginia be better. An independent candidate may be our best choice.


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