Mom starts farm clothing company for kids

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

“You can’t find farm clothes for kids,” says Molly Hileman. “What’s out there is cartoonish and doesn’t look real.” 

So Molly decided to create her own. She started a clothing company called Cow Grass Kids, as her husband’s farming business is called Cow Grass, LLC. 

“My middle child is an outdoorsman, and there just wasn’t much available he liked,” Molly remembers. “My kids tell me what they want on a shirt, I sketch it out on my iPad, and then get it printed on shirts.” 

Molly says she can look out her window and see most things that end up on a shirt. “I like the simple image, no words,” she says of the shirts showing farm animals and equipment. 

“The feed truck is my dad’s,” she says fondly. 

Molly and her husband Zach are raising their three kids on a farm that’s been in the family for generations in northern Greenbrier County. “Boys especially are hard on clothes,” she says. “They just get so dirty.” 

Molly grew up on a farm as well and has fond memories of her childhood. “I’m nostalgic about it,” she says. “Like cotton t-shirts, for example. We’d sleep in them, put on shorts, and go out on the farm.” 

She uses her favorite shirts from childhood, which are 100% cotton and “boxy, not fitted.” Each one is screen-printed by hand. She takes requests from her kids for the images on the shirts, and she picks the colors. 

“Dark shirts are my preference because they don’t show the boy’s messiness as much,” she says. 

For Molly, Cow Grass Kids is a side project she does for her own enjoyment. “I’m a school nurse with three kids and a farm,” she says, “so anytime I can work on my shirts is a bonus.” 

All shirt sales occur online, and Molly says her customers are up and down the east coast. “Lots of farming families, especially in West Virginia and Virginia. Some in the midwest too.” 

She recently did a run of adult shirts by request from friends and neighbors. Last fall, she added sweatshirts, which sold out immediately. “I’ve been asked to do a lot more,” she says, “but I just don’t have time.” 

“It’s my creative outlet,” she shares. “It’s fun for me.” 

Cow Grass Kids shirts are available in kid’s sizes, with some toddler and adult sizes occasionally available as well. To order, visit Cow Grass Kids or find Molly on Facebook or Instagram.

Molly Hileman owns and operates Cow Grass Kids from her home. She prints kid’s farm clothes, inspired by life on her family farm in northern Greenbrier County. Photo by RealWV.

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