Marlinton tavern to host release party for Zach Bryan’s new album

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Zach Bryan is a 28-year old country music star with over 30 million albums sold. Originally from Oklahoma, he served in the military and then began a music career that has skyrocketed in only a few short years. 

Now, his tens of millions of fans are eagerly awaiting Zach’s new album, titled “The Great American Bar Scene.” It’s expected to drop this summer. But first, Zach is releasing it in a few select bars across the country. Twenty three small bars, to be exact. And one of them is right here in West Virginia. 

‘Shut down the town’

The Old Mountain Tavern is located in Marlington, WV. If you blink, you might miss it. It’s a small bar in a very small town. Marlinton has 970 residents and is the largest town in the county. 

Why did country star Zach Bryan choose to release his new album in Marlinton?

“He visited the tavern with his family, his dad, and his manager not too long ago,” says owner Danny Flores. “He loved it and said he wanted to adopt us.” 

Danny says Zach signed autographs, took pictures with locals, and enjoyed himself. 

So when his management reached out to Danny about hosting one of the release parties, he jumped on it. “All he wanted to do is play the album in my tavern, but I decided to take it to the next level. We’re gonna shut down the town and have a big party.”

Danny felt it was important to make this investment because, “I believe in what Zach is doing. A big country singer is helping revitalize small towns like ours across the country.” 

What to expect

The release party is free and open to the public. Travelers from across the east coast are expect to attend. “We’re expecting a lot of people, so you should go ahead and make arrangements,” Danny says. 

It begins at noon in Marlinton. WIth the support of the mayor and the city, they are shutting down the streets. Food, games, giveaways, and more will be available. 

Danny rented a large stage which will host six different live musical acts. In between the acts, he will play Zach Bryan’s new album one song at a time. 

“We came together as a community to put this on for Zach Bryan to give him our thanks,” explains Danny. “We are going to bring the album to life.” 

“He could’ve picked anywhere,” Danny says, “but he’s coming here.” 

Small town America

What people love about Old Mountain Tavern, Danny thinks, is the small-town feel of it. “We know your name and your order. If somebody wants to sing, they sing. We’re the only place in town open late.”  

While Danny is proud to host, he is quick to point out that he’s just a small part of this undertaking. “This isn’t about Old Mountain Tavern. It’s not about Danny Flores. This is about small town America. Now more than ever, we have to come together and help each other out. The town has been terrific to work with, and we are so honored by this opportunity.” 

“The Great American Bar Scene” by Zach Bryan will release on June 29 in Marlinton, WV. The free block party, hosted by Old Mountain Tavern, begins at noon. 


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