White Sulphur hires Timothy Loehmann, officer involved in fatal shooting of 12-year old

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

The White Sulphur Springs police department has hired Timothy Loehmann. City Administrator Linda Coleman confirmed the hiring to RealWV in a phone call.

Loehmann’s name was in the news in 2014 as the officer who shot a 12-year old Black boy, Tamir Rice, as he played with a toy gun in a park. Loehmann was fired by the Cleveland Police Department several years after the incident. The reason provided for his termination was not being truthful about his previous law enforcement work history.

Since being fired after the Tamir Rice shooting, Loehmann has accepted at least two jobs in law enforcement–Bellaire, Ohio, and Tioga, Pennsylvania. Loehmann resigned shortly after being hired in both cases due to local public outcry over the hiring. In Tioga, his hiring led to a “collapse” of the small borough, according to an investigative report by Spotlight PA.

The US Department of Justice decided in 2020 not to pursue federal charges against Loehmann for his role in the shooting death of Tamir Rice. The report said, “To prove that a police shooting violated the Fourth Amendment, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the use of force was objectively unreasonable based on all of the surrounding circumstances.”

According to Coleman, Loehmann has been hired and is on the job with the White Sulphur police department after successfully completing his required training courses.

Phone calls to Mayor Kathy Glover were not returned Thursday afternoon. Calls to Chief D.S. Teubert went to voicemail at the police station. City Hall indicated the receptionist was out of the office. RealWV also asked Coleman to speak with Officer Loehmann and were told a message would be left for him.

A public information officer for the WV State Police says that Loehmann has not received training through his agency. Asked for comment on Loehmann’s hiring and fitness to serve in light of his past, the WVSP official declined further comment.

Jess Gundy, Director of Law Enforcement Professional Standards (LEPS) for the state clarified that Loehmann received training at a two-week certification course affiliated with Fairmont State University in May 2024. “He also had some training from a previous jurisdiction,” Gundy says. “He was granted an equivalency certification by the LEPS subcommittee.”

According to Gundy, the committee did look at the 2014 shooting incident. “He was cleared of it and there were no criminal charges.”

Stay tuned as RealWV is awaiting further comment from the City of White Sulphur Springs on this story.

This story was updated on Friday evening to clarify that Loehmann did not recently receive any training from the WVSP.

Timothy Loehmann in 2010 as shown in a picture on his wife’s social media account.

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