Best-selling WV author announces first traditionally published book (and sells out)

BECKLEY, W.Va. — S. D. Smith, author of the independently published Green Ember series, announces first traditionally published book with Harvest House.

The Found Boys is a thrilling, nostalgic “buddy adventure” adventure about friendship and forgiveness. It will make you laugh, cry, and spur on crucial conversations about loving your neighbor.

S. D. Smith, partnering with, offered an autographed edition for the first 500 orders and sold out within a matter of hours. Due to demand, more are being offered for a limited time.

The book releases in September and as a bonus for preordering, readers can get a free download of The Found Boys audiobook and an activity pack, including a discussion guide, as well as a download of the first chapter. Details here.

It’s easy to find examples all over of strife and bitterness and hatred, and plenty of parents are happy to eat from that septic snack shack and feed their kids there too. But not you. You love your kids and you want to give them good nourishing food—good food for their souls. This book, The Found Boys, is for you. It’s an exciting adventure about friendship and forgiveness. Like The Green Ember, it started in my home as a gift to my kids. It’s a new story with an old soul, from my home to yours. -S. D. Smith, Author

This first traditionally published book marks the 14th overall from S. D. Smith. Story Warren, the IP development house founded by Smith, continues to publish his works including the latest, Jack Zulu and the Girl with Golden Wings.

The Found Boys is available at ChristianbookAmazonWalmartTarget, and more.

S. D. Smith lives in Grandview, West Virginia with his wife and four kids.


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