Monroe County residents asked to take transportation needs survey, prizes offered

MONROE COUNTY, W.Va. — The new Monroe Transportation Committee, working with the Monroe Planning Commission, will be hosting a needs survey during the month of July.  We all know one or more people in the county who have difficulty with transportation needs for everyday activities and events. This committee was created to explore what the needs are, research potential solutions and make recommendations to the Planning Commission and County Commission.  This information is so important in not only determining the true need but also to be utilized in applying for potential grants to help fund a public transportation system. There are no guarantees but we are working hard to develop recommendations and we never know what’s possible until we try. The WV Division of Public Transit is working with us as well.

The group developed a novel way to collect the information and needs your help.  During the entire month of July citizens can participate in a Mock Need a Ride SurveyWe ARE NOT offering rides/transportation at this time.  Monroe residents can participate in several ways:

  1. Call 304-772-3914 – This goes to the 911 Center and a summer intern will ask the survey questions of you.  From July 1-31, the days you can call are Tues, Weds. & Thurs 8am-4:30 pm, and Friday & Saturday 4pm-12am.
  2. Click on the QR code attached here or posted in local public places, agencies & businesses, and answer the survey questions 24 hours a day in July.
  3. During Food Pantries in Monroe County in July, a Monroe County Coalition for Children and Families Summer Intern will be present to help people complete the survey.  

Prizes Offered:  The surveys will be entered into the online google form in the order they are taken, by time and date.  The person who completes the 11th survey each day will receive a $50 food gift certificate to Jewel’s IGA in Union, sponsored by the Monroe County Coalition for Children and Families.  Winners will be notified and can pick up their gift cards at the Family Service Center in Union (Building in the back of Jewel’s IGA parking lot) M-F.  

Questions you will be asked are below.  We are only using your name and phone number to notify prize winners.

Monroe County Transportation Survey:

Date – _______ Time-______

Name: _______________________________ Phone #: _____________________________

  1. Where do you live in Monroe County? (town/area)_________________________
  2. What city/town do you need to go to? _____________________
  3. What is your age? ________
  4. What is the reason you need to go there?
    1. Medical Appointment ___
    2. Grocery /other shopping ___
    3. Children’s School___
    4. Work___
    5. Event ___
    6. Other ______________________________
  5. What is the age or ages of the person/people who need to take this trip? ______________________________________
  6. Why are you not able to take care of the trip yourself?
    1. No vehicle ____
    2. No license ____
    3. No insurance ____
    4. Have vehicle but it needs maintenance ____
    5. Can’t afford gas ____
    6. No family or friends able to take me/us ____
    7. Other __________________________________
  7. If family or friends help take you places do they charge you?
    1. Yes ____ If yes, how much? _____________________
    2. No  ____ 
  8. If there was affordable public transportation available in Monroe County, would you consider using it?
    1. Yes ___
    2. No ___

Survey QR Code:

C:\Users\bmassey\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Photos_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\ShareServiceTempFolder\ (1).jpeg

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