Danny Flores

Imagine…you’re the owner of a small bar in a town of less than 1,000. In walks a country music superstar one day, who loves your bar.

Imagine…that country music star is about to release their new album, with millions of adoring fans lined up to hear it. And he chooses your bar–the only one in West Virginia, and one of 23 across the nation–to host an album release party.

If you’re Danny Flores, owner of the Old Country Tavern in Marlinton, you don’t have to imagine. Because it happened the day Zach Bryan walked in your door.

But Danny wasn’t content to stop there. He worked with the city to plan a huge block party for the release of Zach Bryan’s new album, “The Great American Bar Scene.” He rented a stage, booked bands, planned games, assembled giveaways, and threw one heckuva of party for Marlinton and folks from across the East Cost this past Saturday.

For being such an enthusiastic and dedicated small business owner, bringing the eyes of the nation on Pocahontas County, we are proud to name Danny Flores as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

If you would like to make a nomination for future weeks, please email us at news@therealwv.com.


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