Marvel Center to offer new ‘Summer STEAM Program’

RUPERT, WV – The Marvel Center is launching a new STEAM Summer program beginning on July 15, 2024, at their center in Rupert.

Designed to inspire and empower students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, the program aims to cultivate a generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers between kindergarten and eighth grade.

From 8 a.m. to noon, every week starting July 15th through August 2nd, activities will include LEGO creations, gadget building, circuits, engineering, art, coding, magnets, chemistry, and more.

Admission for each week is $150. Children are encouraged to attend all three weeks but can also sign up for one or two weeks. Full and partial sponsorships are available.

STEAM education integrates the arts into the traditional STEM disciplines, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation among students. The program goes beyond textbooks, offering hands-on learning experiences that encourage students to explore, experiment, and discover their passions.

For more information about The Marvel Center’s STEAM program, including enrollment details, contact Sarah Bailes at 304-678-7146 or The Marvel Center is located at 138 Cranberry Avenue, Rupert, WV 25984.

About The Marvel Center

The Meadow River Valley Early Learning and Family Engagement (MARVEL) Center in Rupert,
now in its third year of operation, has been providing early child and family engagement
services to the community. As part of a community redevelopment partnership, the center has
become a hub of educational excellence, fostering the growth and development of children and
families alike.


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