New outdoor recreation rental business opens in Ronceverte

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV

Jerry Canterbury was born and raised in southern West Virginia. He left in 1967 to join the hospitality industry, working all across the East Coast. Most recently, he operated a bike outfitter in New Hampshire. 

“One day I was having a rough day,” Jerry recalls, “and I just said to myself, ‘Man, I’m moving back to West Virginia.’” 

That’s exactly what he did, and he couldn’t be happier. 

Jerry Canterbury is the own/operator of River City Bikes & Adventure Rentals. He offers inner tube, kayak, bike, tent, camper, & e-bike rentals for outdoor recreation in the Greenbrier Valley. Photo by RealWV.

Outdoor recreation in the River City 

Jerry opened River City Bikes & River Adventures earlier this year. It’s located under the bridge beside the recycling center…and right by the Greenbrier River. 

Customers can rent a tube, for example, walk out the front door, and hop in for a river float before Jerry picks you up down river.

He offers inner tube, kayak, bike, e-bike, tent, and camper rentals from 8:30am-6:30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of each week. (He may expand to scooters eventually as well.)

“There’s something to be said for pricing to your locals,” Jerry says. “When they get priced out, you don’t get that back.”

So Jerry gives a 20% discount to all Greenbrier and Monroe County residents, on top of what he describes as “already reasonable rates.” 

“People work hard for these brief periods off work, so I try and be sensitive to price points,” he shares. 

“There are fantastic outfitters in the region who do a great job but what we do is provide family and budget-friendly adventure rentals. We’ve got this perfect 3-mile stretch of river right in front of us here in Ronceverte for folks to enjoy.” 

Jerry’s uncle started Gauley Expeditions decades ago in the New River Gorge, and Jerry continued that work for Wyndham Resorts and in small businesses he began in New England. 

“This is the stuff memories are made of,” he says. “Kids will always remember that adventure they took with mom and dad over the summer.” 

‘Livin’ is good’ in Ronceverte

Jerry looked at different communities along the Greenbrier River before deciding to open his business in Ronceverte. 

“Everybody says the town has needed this for a long time,” he offers. “What I really like is the Island Park. What a fabulous resource!”

Jerry adds that working with city officials has been ideal. “I’m very grateful to the city for their support. They’re been great.” 

So far, so good for Jerry. He loves being back in West Virginia and hopes his friends will join him. 

“All my buddies are in Florida in the heat dome gettin’ near retirement,” he says. “I tell ‘em the livin’ is good here in the Greenbrier Valley!”

For more information on River City Bikes & River Adventures including pricing and packages, visit their website or give them a call at (304) 992-5187.

Photo by RealWV.

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