‘Amazing Grace!’ Pendleton County woman turns 105

Grace Lough Hedrick turned 105 this summer. As the oldest living citizen of Pendleton County, folks call her “Amazing Grace”!

In celebration of her 105th birthday, she received cards from all across the world including a card from all 50 states, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Guam as pictured below.

Grace lives on her own (with help from family) in an eight-room house with a flat roof which has been her home since 1926. She graduated from Franklin High School in 1939 and was married later that same year to Raymond Hedrick. (Raymond died in 1994.)

On her 89th birthday, she roto-tilled her own garden. On her 90th birthday, she walked to the top of Seneca Rocks. Which was in addition to raking hay all summer that year with a 50-year old Ford tractor. At age 91, she went sledding on a wintry day with her family. She continued to gather eggs daily through her 90s. Over the last nine years, her eyesight has failed which has caused her to slow down her active lifestyle.

Receiving so many card, calls, texts, and messages on her 105th birthday this summer lifted her spirits, and she thanks everyone for their support.

For embodying the West Virginia spirit of rugged determination combined with a joy for the adventure each new day brings, we are proud to name Grace Lough Hedrick as the certified Real West Virginian of the Week.

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