Alderson celebrates ‘Bricktop,’ the queen of jazz

By Jeffrey Kanode, for RealWV In Cathey Sawyer’s play “Bricktop, Legend of the Jazz Age,” Ada “Bricktop” Smith gathers with her band in her nightclub in Paris, Chez Bricktop. Using music from the time period and from Bricktop’s repertoire as foundation, Sawyer lets Bricktop tell her own story: stories of the people she knew and […]

Alderson 4th of July parade adds ‘quiet zone’ for people with noise sensitivity

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Organizers of the Alderson 4th of July Celebration are adding a new feature to this year’s parade. A quiet zone for adults and children with noise sensitivity, extending from the start of the old bridge to the train depot. “The number of kids with sensory issues isn’t going down,” says organizer […]

Alderson Archers ready for state tournament next weekend 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Last year, a group of Alderson Elementary staff including Jason Ward, Andrea Edge, Alicia Utterback, Matthew Tabor, and Greg Eary began an archery team at Alderson Elementary. “We started with a bare bones program,” remembers Ward. “We only had three targets, a couple of bows, and a couple of arrows.”  Now […]