Andrew DeGraff grapples with world champ Gordon Ryan

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Imagine you’re an 18-year old rising basketball star, and you get to play one-on-one with Michael Jordan. Wouldn’t that be something?  Local jiu jitsu phenom Andrew DeGraff had such an opportunity last month when he sparred with world champion Gordon Ryan.  “He’s the best in the world,” Andrew says. “Probably the […]

DeGraff wins again, rises to 9th in world ranking

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV One year ago, Andrew DeGraff was an unranked 16-year old jiu jitsu grappler aspiring to greatness. After racking up win upon win across America, including the prestigious Midwest Finishers event in Chicago last month, DeGraff rose to 9th in the latest FloGrappling world rankings.  “At the beginning of 2023,” says DeGraff, […]

DeGraff wins gold & silver at ADCC Dallas Open 


By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Seventeen-year old jiu jitsu phenom Andrew DeGraff continued his breakout year by winning gold and silver at the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) Dallas Open.  He competed in two divisions, totaling seven matches in an 11-hour period. DeGraff went 6-1 on the day. He won gold in the teenage division at […]

Andrew DeGraff wins Interim Bantamweight Championship 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Andrew DeGraff, a 17-year old jiu jitsu phenom from Lewisburg ranked 20th in the world, won the Interim Bantamweight Championship last weekend in New York. He defeated Jon Jimenez by submission, setting up a rematch with renowned grappler Mateo Maldonado (who holds the interim title as well).  DeGraff took command of […]