Three candidates for governor have at least $1 million left for final weeks of campaign 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV With less than three weeks to go until the primary election, years of campaigning will come down to the wire. Candidates for governor have raise more than $10 million in combined campaign contributions. Much of it from out-of-state candidates, especially for frontrunner Patrick Morrisey. Three candidates still have more than $1 […]

Who is using a deepfake to attack a leading candidate for governor? 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV A politician attacking his opponent during an election is as old as the hills. But in the modern age, the methods by which attacks come are changing before our very eyes.  On March 5, a website called The Pittsburgh Observer ran a “story” with the headline, “Moore Capito Could Become West […]

Numerous campaigns report contributions above the legal limit, say they will amend filings

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV West Virginia state election law allows citizens to donate up to $2,800 in the primary and another $2,800 in the general election to candidates for office. Yet the latest round of campaign finance reports posted by several candidates includes reported contributions above the legal limit. Ashley Deem Judicial candidate Ashley Deem’s […]

Skaff brings huge war chest to Sec of State race 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Seven candidates, all Republicans, have declared their candidacy to be the state’s next top election official. Kris Warner is the newest candidate and is expected to be a formidable campaigner. But Doug Skaff enters the race with a huge war chest that gives his candidacy an added financial dimension no other […]

Hanna raises money across nation while Householder focuses on WV in auditor’s race

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV In early January, Caleb Hanna resigned from the House of Delegates. He said he wanted to focus his full attention on a run for State Auditor. What does the Auditor do? Serve as the state’s official bookkeeper.  Hanna’s primary opponent, fellow Republican Delegate Eric Householder, blasted him for quitting one political […]

Campaign finance reports show power brokers betting on McCuskey in AG race

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV JB McCuskey widens his financial lead over Mike Stuart in the race to be the state’s next top attorney. Campaign finance reports show McCuskey with a 5-1 advantage over Stuart.  State Auditor JB McCuskey has $526,000 cash on hand.  He raised $103,000 this quarter in addition to the $533,000 he raised […]

Chris Miller has more money in the bank than all other candidates for governor combined

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV With more than $7 million in combined campaign contributions, the race to be West Virginia’s next governor is attracting national attention. Patrick Morrisey is raking in thousands of contributions, including controversial ones, from across the country while Moore Capito is pulling in money from the state’s power players. But businessman Chris […]

Pfizer boosts WV Republicans with campaign contributions

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV In the 2022 election cycle as the Covid pandemic wound down, drug maker Pfizer spent big on Republicans in West Virginia political races. In total, Pfizer’s Political Action Committee (PAC) gave $27,500 to some federal but mostly state candidates.  Nationally, Pfizer’s lobbying arm made 52% of their contributions to Republicans and […]

Auditor’s race get fiscal 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV The state’s official bookkeeper is the Auditor. Two candidates are currently running–Caleb Hanna and Eric Householder, and they are both Republican members of the House of Delegates.  Judging by the early campaign finance reports, this race will need its own team of bookkeepers due to a flurry of fiscal activity.  Caleb […]

Big bucks in governor’s race, with majority coming from out-of-state 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV The race to be governor of West Virginia is on, and it’s an expensive one. Millions are pouring in for the candidates, with approximately half of all campaign contributions flowing in from out of state. Here’s a quick rundown of the major candidates’ fundraising efforts.  Patrick Morrisey Patrick Morrisey began with […]