Justice asks court to delay Sporting Club sale 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV On Valentine’s Day, lawyers for the Justice Companies filed a motion for preliminary injunction seeking to stop a planned sale of The Greenbrier Sporting Club properties. Citing “this community’s economic well-being,” the legal filing argues that Carter Bank & Trust is racing too quickly and would injure the residents of the […]

Breaking down a potential Greenbrier Sporting Club sale

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV After Carter Bank & Trust provided legal notice of their intention to sell significant portions of The Greenbrier Sporting Club to satisfy a $300 million debt owed to them by James C. Justice Companies, the affected community in the Greenbrier Valley immediately began asking questions. Late Wednesday, the Justice Companies filed […]

Greenbrier Sporting Club up for sale to satisfy Carter Bank debt

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV A detailed legal ad was published Tuesday, providing notice that the Greenbrier Sporting Club will be sold to, at least partially, satisfy a $300 million debt owed by James C. Justice Companies to Carter Bank & Trust.  Carter’s intention is to sell the entirety of the Sporting Club to the highest […]