Avery Atkins awarded District Supervisor of the Year

Avery Atkins was presented with the District Supervisor of the Year award for his many years of service and dedication to the Greenbrier Valley Conservation  District. Avery lives and farms in Pickaway, Monroe County. He also owns and operates Pickaway Pickins and The Farmer’s Lounge. He serves as a District Supervisor in the Conservation District […]

Katy McBride honored by Conservation District

Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to conservation are recognized with the Member-at-Large award. This year, Katy McBride was honored with the award. A dedicated NRCS Soil Conservationist and District Conservationist, Katy has worked for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) and REIC Labs from 1993 to 1997. She has supported partner  organizations, conducted community outreach, and engaged […]

Gary Sawyers wins District Supervisor of the Year award

Gary Sawyers was presented with the 2023 Supervisor of the Year award for his outstanding job in promoting conservation and development in the Greenbrier Valley Conservation District. Gary is a beloved member of the community, having served the Greenbrier Valley Conservation District for many years. He continues to farm in the Meadow River Valley, teaches Sunday […]

Locust Legacy Farm awarded Pocahontas County Grassland Farm of the Year

Gary and Connie Cutlip, owners of Locust Legacy Farm, have been named the  2023 Pocahontas County Outstanding Grassland Farmers. The farm, located in  Locust Creek, is a beef cow/calf operation spanning 75 acres. Gary is the fourth generation to work the farm, which was purchased by his great grandfather in  1904. The couple’s daughter, Valerie, lives […]

Smith Family Farm wins Monroe County Grassland Farm of the Year

Lefty and Robbie Smith of Sinks Grove have been named the 2023 Monroe County Outstanding Grassland Farmers. Lefty, a retired Army veteran, has been involved in the farm’s operations since 2005. Robbie, a nurse, currently works at  Stonerise Rehab and Retirement. The farm has been in operation since 1915 and  has four generations living on or […]

Furrow Family Farm awarded Monroe County Farm of the Year

The Furrow Family Farm in Waiteville, West Virginia has been named the 2023 Greenbrier Valley Conservation District Monroe County Farm of the Year. The farm has been in  operation since at least 1842 and is currently owned and operated by John  David Furrow, with assistance from Betty J. Pullig, Brennan Taylour Furrow, and Matt and Amanda Reynolds. […]

Shawlin Hills Farm awarded Greenbrier Valley Farm of the Year

Jack and Georgeanne Morgan and Shawlin Hills Farm of Organ Cave are the Greenbrier Valley Conservation District District Farm of the Year winners for 2023. The Morgan farm consists of a diverse and mutually supportive mix of conservation and production agriculture. In the next10 years, they would like to have approximately 50 colonies of bees […]

Hilltop Acres wins Greenbrier County Outstanding Grassland Farm

Hilltop Acres, owned by Bob and Kathy Martin of Smoot, has been named the 2023 Greenbrier County Outstanding Grassland Farm. The farm is approximately 150 acres, with 80 acres of open grassland. It is located on Hundley Road, which splits the farm and was built before US 60. The farm was divided into two farms  in the early […]