Christian Brackenrich qualifies for CrossFit Games semifinals

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Christian Brackenrich is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s polite, professional, and caring.  He asks, “How are you and your family doing?” And you get the sense that he actually wants to know.  Perhaps that’s because he’s seen his share of challenges at a young age.  “Everybody brings […]

Locals qualify for next round of CrossFit Games

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Several West Virginians recently qualified for the quarterfinals of The CrossFit Games including Elise McClintic, Cory Mann, Christian Brackenrich, Matt Rowan, and Austin Hatfield.  CrossFit is a workout program that combines cardiovascular activity, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises in a high-intensity workout. In competition, the goal is to successfully complete the workout […]

Hatfield wins Crossfit Crash Crucible 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV After bursting onto the national Crossfit scene in early 2023, Beckley resident Austin Hatfield is turning heads once again. This time he won the Crash Crucible, a Crossfit competition held in Spartanburg, SC, earlier this month. “What got me the victory was being consistent,” Hatfield says. “There was good competition there, […]

Beckley’s Hatfield practices what he preaches

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV Austin Hatfield is a 23-year old gym owner in Beckley. He says most folks are looking for motivation to get in better shape, but they’re barking up the wrong tree.  “Don’t have motivation,” he says. “Have discipline. Set your goals. Make a plan. Stick with it. Keep your head down and […]