SUNDAY SERMON: The last shall be first

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Matthew 20.1-16 Our family is very competitive. We try to hide it outside the family, because it’s not very polite or kind to make everything a competition which you want to win, but that’s the reality.  When I was around ten years old, we had an Easter Egg hunt at my […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Sincerely Imperfect

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Luke 23.39-43 Sincerely Imperfect  When my family began attending Clifton Presbyterian back in the mid 1990s, I was a teenager who had grown up in a Baptist church followed by a short stint at a non-denominational-but-heavily- Pentecostal church. Needless to say, I was not used to liturgy. I was not used […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Jesus is the Gate

Rev. Stephen Baldwin John 14.15-21 Stephen Baldwin NT: John 14.15-21 I was visiting with a young man in his late 20s recently. His biggest fear…is never finding a spouse. Or that’s what he says, but the more he talks the more it becomes apparent that what he is really afraid of is…being alone.  And it’s […]