SUNDAY SERMON: What makes a miracle?

sermon river

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Exodus 14.19-31 NT: Matthew 18.21-35 My sister is particular about her coffee.  Offer her a cup of your favorite gas station or fast food coffee, and watch her nose turn up faster than a Mountaineer whose child goes to Pitt.  She’s a coffee quality expert.  That is her love and her […]

Greenbrier River Fly Fishing Classic set for May 20

The Greenbrier River Fly Fishing Classic is set to kick off its 9thannual catch and release smallmouth bass tournament this weekend (7am-7pm on May 20) as anglers get together to vie for the chance at bragging rights as the top smallmouth fly angler on the Greenbrier.   Participants will compete for trophies and prizes for the largestbass and most total inches caught. The tournament, […]