SUNDAY SERMON: Owe no one anything, except…

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Exodus 12.1-14 NT: Romans 13.8-14 Sometimes if you want something done right…you’ve got to…do it yourself. We as Americans aspire to be independent and self-sufficient.  Lost on the backroads…no need to ask for directions…I’ll figure it out myself.  Down on your luck…no need to ask for help…I’ll find a way myself.  […]

SUNDAY SERMON–The Grace to Love

By Rev. Stephen Baldwin  Matthew 5.21-37 Jesus would’ve made one fine lawyer. That man was convincing!  In today’s passage, his argument is, “You have heard it said…but I say…” in reference to religious law. Which makes it sound like Jesus is abolishing or rewriting the law.  Let me tell you, after spending the last six […]