SUNDAY SERMON: The unnamed disciple

Rev. Stephen Baldwin OT: Isaiah 40.21-31 NT: Mark 1.29-39 Next week is the Super Bowl! And while everyone is talking about the superstar players who will show up in the highlight reels, games are often won and lost in small moments by lesser known players. A deflection here or a catch there…that builds momentum and […]

SUNDAY SERMON: Is Jesus cool?

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NEW TESTAMENT: Mark 1.14-20 In college, the chair of our psychology department wrote a column for the student paper one week that asked the question, “What does it mean to be cool?” And I said to my friend Khelen, “Isn’t that the silliest thing you’ve ever heard? Everybody knows what’s cool.”  And Khelen, […]

SUNDAY SERMON: You are my beloved

Rev. Stephen Baldwin NT: Mark 1.4-11 This time of year, I always wish we knew more about the early life of Jesus. What were his first words? How did he do in school? Did he pray? Was he a rascal who had walked on water before the storm in the sea with the disciples?  There […]