Board raises public employee insurance rates, again 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV After hosting forums across the state where public employees including police, fire, emergency services, and health departments pled their case against additional increases, the Public Employment Insurance Association (PEIA) board voted on Thursday to raise rates for the second year in a row.  Coming into the meeting, proposed raises on rates […]

Citizens call PEIA increases ‘unsustainable’ in Charleston forum 

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV A crowd of several dozen concerned citizens attended a forum hosted by the Public Employment Insurance Association (PEIA) board this past Monday night.  The PEIA board is considering a proposal to raise rates on state and local workers who belong to the insurance plan. Proposed raises on rates include a 10.5% […]

PEIA proposes increasing rates by at least 10.5%, again

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV In October 2021, Governor Jim Justice promised that Public Employment Insurance Agency (PEIA) rates would never increase on his watch. At the time, the PEIA board was considering a rate hike and he said to public employees, ““You can either trust me or not. But I am the one that came […]

Finance board for state insurer goes with straight premium increases

By Brad McElhinny The board overseeing finances for the Public Employees Insurance Agency went ahead with straight premium increases to get in line with recently passed legislation. The finance board made that decision today while ruling out hybrid proposals that would have meant lower premium increases offset by higher deductibles, out-of-pocket costs and prescription costs. The […]

THE BACK PEW–All hat, no cattle in Charleston

back pew baldwin

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV February 23, 2023 The 2023 regular legislative session is 3/4 complete. So far, it has been, “All hat, no cattle.” Lots of talk with little substance. The final few weeks will be busy, as a very small number of bills have completed the process at this point. Here are several noteworthy […]

Deal reached between Blue Ridge Cancer Center and PEIA

By Stephen Baldwin, RealWV January 31, 2023 After months of uncertainty, a contract dispute between Blue Ridge Cancer Center and Humana has been successfully settled. The agreement will allow West Virginia Public Employee Insurance Agency (PEIA) patients who receive care at the Blue Ridge Cancer Center via the Humana Medicare Advantage to continue receiving care […]